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ex. VAT

Installation of the double box: DKK 4.800 incl. Delivery, assembly and disposal of packaging and pallets.
(Note that bringing in and carrying up to floors costs DKK 500 per hour, it takes approx. 2 hours)

Our modern meeting booth is created for functional meetings and has room for four persons. PhoneAlone’s meeting booth is equipped with six fans for a better indoor climate. The ventilation system is activated by a motion sensor, which simultaneously activates the light and power inside the meeting booth. The worktable inside the meeting booth is installed on a lightweight metal track. This makes the table movable and allows for the meeting booth to be turned into a small office or workspace. The 22 mm sound absorbing and fire retardant foam and felt inside the meeting booth facilitate noise cancellation very efficiently. When closing the door, which has a magnetic seal, PhoneAlone therefore becomes your private meeting room that allows for intense concentration and undisturbed meetings.
Leasing prices

Lease from DKK 1.146,65 per month


Outer dimensions

Height: 222 cm
Width: 195,5 cm (black with wooden lamellae 198,5 cm)
Depth: 128 cm
When installing the PhoneAlone meeting both, minimum floor-to-ceiling height is 2,43 m.


Inner dimensions

Height: 203 cm
Width: 187 cm
Depth: 116,5 cm



The weight of the booth is 425 kg.

Room for up to four persons.
Soft close hinges ensure that the doors close automatically behind you.
20 mm sound absorbing and fire retardant foam reduces external noise by up to 30 dB.
2 silent fans. Air inlet: 400 m3 per hour. Power use: 2,4 W per ventilator.
Warm and climate friendly source of light with a low power consumption of 46 W. 2 power plugs, 4 USB-plugs and ethernet cable to keep you going. It is possible to install AV-equipment for digital meetings.
3 mm fire retardant felt provides a solid and clean look inside.
The adjustable feet maintain a stable and perpendicular position even on irregular surfaces.
Table height: 72 cm. Table size: 100 x 60 cm. The table top can be moved sideways, which allows for the meeting booth to be turned into a work space.
Light, ventilation and power supply are all activated through a motion sensor minimizing the use of energy.
Hardened safety glass consisting of two layers of glass with film prevents personal injuries in the case of breakage.


PhoneAlone provides you with a personal work space to free yourself from disturbing elements and to avoid disturbing others

years of experience with furniture production
decibels noise reduction in open offices

We specialize in
quiet and peaceful work spaces

PhoneAlone provides you with a personal work space to free yourself from disturbing elements and to avoid disturbing others.

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The meeting booth



Assembly instructions are included so that you can assemble your PhoneAlone booth yourself.

However, we recommend having our experienced service people assemble the booth for you and if this is of interest, write to us and we will take care of this.


Leasing of the PhoneAlone booth is possible without placing a deposit
The PhoneAlone booth comes with a manual enabling you to assemble and install it yourself

We do however recommend having our trained installers help you install the booth. Contact us to add installation to your order.

Installation price for a PhoneAlone phone booth: DKK 2800.
Including delivery, installation and disposal of packaging.
(Please note carrying the booth into the building costs an extra DKK 500 per hour)

All prices are ex. VAT

Taking over the booth costs 4% of the principal

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