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  1. Noise in large office space can produce lasting damage to employees
    A report from the National Research Center for Welfare, AMI, shows that noise in the work environment can cause hearing damage, cardiovascular disease and birth defects.
    “Significant impact of noise will also affects performance in the work environment,” the AMI report continues. At the same time, it questions whether the existing rules for office decoration protect particularly sensitive groups. It is among other things on the basis that PhoneAlone Ltd, a Danish company owned and managed by CEO Kim D. Siefert, has developed and designed a Phone Box that addresses the problem.


    The challenge in large rooms when making phone calls is noise
    “The phone has long since become mobile, we are constantly moving and always have the mobile with us. The requirement for private conversations, and not to disturb colleagues, places great demands on modern and trendy office decor. Employees in contemporary workplaces require telephone peace and telephone calm, both when working and when calls are made”.


    Phone boxes as architectural solutions
    “State of the art architectural design offers many opportunities for working with acoustics and noise reduction. Several analyzes clearly show that architectural soundproofing is conducive to an efficient office environment. Employees and managers thrive, and feel that being able to make phone calls alone in a soundproof Phone Box is a highly valued staff good ”.


    Phone alone in a Phone Box
    “Maybe you remember that a few years ago there were many Phone Boxes in Denmark?” asks Kim D. Siefert.
    In 2007, there were about 3,000 Phone Boxes in Denmark, but already in 2009 that number dropped to about 500. In 2017, there were three Phone Boxes left in Aarhus, which were probably the last in Denmark. The phones were removed from the boxes on December 13, 2017. The last box was removed at Lille Torv in Aarhus on April 13, 2018.


    Talk undisturbed in a Phone Box at modern furnished large office space
    “Almost at the same time as the outdoor Phone Boxes disappeared, a new trend started in the US. In typical New York style, the Phone Box was introduced into large office space”.


    Avoid noise, get peace and quiet
    Kim D. Siefert continues: “Based on our own challenges with staff in the office space and with inspiration from New York, the basis for the PhoneAlone box was developed. The Phone Box is designed for open environments where employees have a need to immerse themselves in a task, conduct an uninterrupted conversation without disturbing colleagues, and by phone conversations of a private and or confidential nature”.


    Phone Box with sound absorbing effect
    “Design and construction with sound absorbing effect means that outside noise is not heard in the box and that conversations in the box are not heard in the room. So whether it is an open office environment, a reception or a public space, this Phone Box with its size and construction will fit into any modern environments”.


    Design, functionality and qualityt
    Kim D. Siefert mentions this: “The Phone Box appears in modern, clean, Danish design. The Phone Box is constructed of sound-absorbing materials both inside and outside. The telephone box contains a ventilation system as well as energy-saving LED lights, which are activated with a motion sensor in the box and contribute to an excellent working environment”.


    USB connector, 220v safety glass, stainless steel door handle, quality materials
    Kim D. Siefert continues: “The box has USB connectors and 220v for charging iPhone, iPad, PCs, android phones etc. The natural light in the box is secured by the large glass door, fitted with safety glass. There is 30 mm fireproof insulation, large stainless-steel door handle both inside and outside, and adjustable feet that ensure stable mounting even on difficult surfaces. In the box is a small table mounted on one side suitable for laptop, iPad etc. and with milling for the placement of iPhone”.


    Delivered and fitted
    “The Phone Box is delivered freely to the curb, except for non-bridged islands. You can choose to set up your Phone Box yourself, or let our installers make sure you mount your Phone Box in your desired location, ”concludes Kim D. Siefert.

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