“When we at Make !mpact first moved into our office in September 2020, we didn’t really have a place to go for an undisturbed conversation. Each time some of us either had important work-related or personal calls, we were therefore forced to step into the corridor (where all our neighbours could hear us) or alternatively into the street – even if it was raining!

But when Joakim from PhoneAlone one day came by, where I was actually sitting in the corridor having an important call, our mindset regarding having “in-office calls” changed. We first had a thorough demonstration by Joakim, who showed us the benefits of the PhoneAlone booth, and not long after that the whole Make !mpact team gathered to assemble and install the booth in our office.


Having a PhoneAlone booth in our office now allows us to have important calls or just sit and work without others disturbing – that is if the booth is free of course (it is very popular). Its great comfortability and nice design in our young startup office are just big plusses making it even better!”


Christopher Trunk Black, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships


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