KMD, one of Denmark’s largest IT companies, develops software and service solutions for the public and private sector in Denmark and selected parts of Scandinavia, and has invested in PhoneAlone booths to create a more focused and efficient work environment by reducing distractions.

The PhoneAlone booths have been a great addition to our office in Ballerup. They offer employees ‘a space’ for undisturbed calls, meetings, or focused work. In our open-plan offices, it’s important to be able to withdraw and talk without disturbing each other, and their location near the coffee machine makes them easily accessible. In our production area, where printers create quite a bit of noise, the booths are also crucial to ensure peace for calls and short meetings. The PhoneAlone booths have improved our workplace by providing the necessary tranquility in an otherwise large and busy building with many employees.

Line Rahbek Kansing, Procurement Specialist

KMD PhoneAlone Telefonboks Møderum


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