How to put your PhoneAlone phone booth to its best use

Most businesses with open offices know how noise can quickly reach alarmingly high levels. This can make it difficult for employees to concentrate, to have meetings without disturbances or result in declining productivity.


Does this sound familiar? Then you might already be thinking about fixing the problem by implementing a phone booth at the office – or maybe the phone booths are already an appreciated and often used part of your workplace. Either way, the PhoneAlone phone booths for your office are tools that – like any other – come with a number of recommendations on how to put them at their best possible use.


To help you gain the most from your phone booth, we have gathered a few good tips on how to ensure the booths are used as ideally as possible and how to provide the right setting for a productive work flow. Want to make sure your phone booths become valuable assets at your office? Lean back and learn how to make the PhoneAlone phone booth the new favorite spot to be at work.


  1. Your direction matters


As soon as you step inside a PhoneAlone phone booth, it will quickly feel like a pleasant and cozy bubble for you to be yourself without being disturbed or disturbing others. The booth reduces noise by up to 30 dB and even though this is the best sound insulation at its price on the market, a minimal amount of the words you speak or noise from outside will always slip in and out of the booth. To avoid this as much as possible, always speak into the felt walls and away from the glass, as your direction inside the box greatly influences what your colleagues outside are able to hear from your conversations. Your colleagues will therefore have to listen very carefully to be able to hear what you are saying, if you make sure to face the layers of sound insulating felt and foam when talking. In addition, the booth gives you plenty of peace and quiet from disturbing conversation, laughter and music constantly buzzing in the background of your office.


  1. Make room for your colleagues


If you are into gear and gadgets, you probably know that it’s important to have enough of it. The same goes for PhoneAlone’s phone booth for your office. Even though the phone booths have few technical and installation requirements, it is important that you make sure to give them the right equipment in order to make room for all employees. A bar stool with adjustable height is therefore the ideal piece of furniture for your phone booth. Not only does it help you turn away from the glass door as mentioned in step 1. Its slim design and adjustable height also allow for all employees to use the booth, sit comfortably and place their laptop on the table top inside the booth.


  1. Fresh and cool air provides the comfort


The PhoneAlone phone booths are equipped with two silent fans ensuring that the temperature inside the booth stays pleasant when in use. During the summer, you might however experience the temperature inside the booth rising as soon as the temperature outside and in the office does too. This means that the air inside the PhoneAlone booth won’t get colder if the air in the room, where it is placed, don’t either. The fans take in air from the room and replace the air inside the booth with it. Therefore, we recommend adding the cooling element Evapolar to your phone booths during the summer, as it provides fresh, cold air and cools down the booth quickly. Just like air conditioning, Evapolar has several levels for you to decide how cold you want the air to be. Set it at medium level and remember to turn it off when you are done or you will risk filling your phone booth with water particles.


  1. No perfection but lots of benefits


If your expectations to your phone booth are 100% anonymity and for it to be impenetrable like Ford Knox, it is unlikely that you will find one that meets those expectations. The perfect phone booth with lots of space, which is 100% sound and noise proof and has an inside climate adjusted perfectly to your preferences doesn’t exist. However, the PhoneAlone phone booth offers you a product close to that with lots of benefits. Our phone booth is a tool, which increases productivity and focus and reduces work-related stress by being a calm, personal space for you when needed. Conversations that require 100% anonymity and confidentiality should be kept at home and in private. The booth is perfect for client meetings, “private phone calls” and conversations with your colleagues – or just as a room that gives you the peace and quiet you need to work. Step into the phone booth with this in mind and you will find that it lives up to your expectations.


  1. Phone booths are the future


Now you know how to put your phone booth to its best use and which advantages the PhoneAlone phone booth offers you. Now, we just want you to know that a phone booth is an investment, which in time will be a normal and fixed part of many offices. Just 10-20 years ago, height-adjustable desks were also on their way up and a “nice to have” offering improved working conditions. Today, height-adjustable desks are a legal requirement (at least in Denmark) and indispensable at any office. Why draw this parallel? Because the phone booth is headed in the same direction. Just like the height-adjustable desks, we at PhoneAlone have set out to create a product with many qualities at a fair and affordable price, which at the same time is the best on the market – even if this is a bigger investment for some businesses. The fair price is important to us, because we want you to have the opportunity to improve work satisfaction and well-being at your office – and because phone booths are the future, which we want to make accessible to everyone.


If you have questions for your PhoneAlone phone booth or you are ready to invest in the future, feel free to contact us on +45 30669373. In case you haven’t spotted it yet, our meeting booth for offices is now available, which provides you and your colleague with an extra meeting room to have meetings in a more private and undisturbed setting.

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