Hobbii, the world’s leading yarn universe believes that working at Hobbii should be exciting, fun, and meaningful. Their dedicated People & Culture team spends all their time making sure going to work doesn’t suck. Their new office is located in Copenhagen (NV), making them our close and cherished neighbors. In a company operating at this pace, there are times when quiet spaces are needed to focus and be creative.

At Hobbii, we believe our workplace should be more than just a workspace; it should be a place where creativity and collaboration thrive. We’ve seen the importance of having a space where our employees can retreat to take calls, hold meetings without interruptions, or focus on a task. As a global company, we wanted to address the need to communicate with colleagues and partners in other locations, and the need for PhoneAlone phone and meeting booths became clear. It provides the necessary quiet space in an otherwise busy day and ensures that important conversations can take place undisturbed.

Karen Nordenbo, Head of People & Culture

PhoneAlone mødeboks sort hos Hobbii


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