I am pleased to share my positive experience with PhoneAlone and their exceptional soundproof meeting boxes. At Crediwire, we have been using PhoneAlone at both fairs and in our offices, and it has been a true game changer.


At TechBBQ, we were excited to think out of the box with PhoneAlone. We introduced the first-ever branded PhoneAlone meeting booth, which not only helped us extend the Crediwire brand but also allowed us to showcase the value of our software without any interruptions from surrounding noise. This helped us establish better relationships with our clients and partners.


In our offices, the PhoneAlone meeting boxes have been an incredible addition. They provide a private space for employees to have meetings, make phone calls, or even take a quick break. The soundproofing technology ensures that conversations cannot be overheard, which is vital when discussing sensitive information.


One of the best things about PhoneAlone meeting boxes is how easy they are to install and move around. They are ideal for our constantly changing office layout, and the sleek and modern design adds a touch of professionalism to our workspace.


Overall, I highly recommend PhoneAlone and their soundproof meeting boxes. They have made a significant impact on our business, and I am confident they will do the same for any company looking for a solution to their soundproofing needs.

Mads Brix, CCO

Mødeboks Dobbeltboks PhoneAlone Crediwire


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