Copenhagen University Hospital

“At Copenhagen University Hospital, we had a need to strengthen our working environment through new meeting facilities in the boardroom and different other departments, that would allow us to have phone calls, conversations and online meetings. In addition, having the highest level of hygiene in our meeting facilities was required to avoid bacteria from spreading between the different users of the facilities, as we are a hospital and thus require a high level of hygiene. The price was also of high importance to us, as we are a public institution, who wishes to put our means to the best possible use.
Therefore, we chose PhoneAlone’s phone and meeting booths, as they were the only supplier on the market offering the CE-approved UV solution that automatically disinfects the booths. With their clean Danish design and excellent noise reduction, PhoneAlone provided what our working environment needed. The phone booths from PhoneAlone work very well and their delivery and service were impeccable.”

Franca Laursen Zeller, Architect, MA in ArchitectureCopenhagen University Hospital

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